Unturned Changelogs

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Unturned Changelogs

This post is continuously being updated as methods/information changes, this can happen without any warning. Last update 1/03/22.


If there any new updates to our Unturned server, they will be listed below.


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Added base Unturned server plugins - 10/11/21

Added Vehicle Parking - 10/11/21

Added Shops UI - 1/24/22

Moved Vehicle Parking to MySQL database

Added Kits - 1/24/22

Added Vehicle Despawner - 1/30/22



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Changelog 5/15/24

  • Removed Workshop Mods:


  • Added Workshop Mods:


Elver Changes:

  • Decreased spawn times for zombies on Elver from 360 seconds to 180 seconds
  • Increased zombie spawn chance from 0.25 to 0.8

Plugin Changes:

  • Fixed Garage plugin
  • The permissions to use the /buy and /sell commands have been updated (/buy or /sell item amount - Item can be an id or can be named using quotes - "Metal Bar")
  • Fixed Vault permissions - Players can now access a 3x5 storage area!

General Info:
Remember, if you can't find our servers - make sure you have your filters set to ANY or ALLimage.png.022af311a75b3653ec37d780481126

The commands list has also been updated:


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Changelog 5/18/24

  • Added Elver Category*
  • Added Basic Elver items (Circuit Board, Components, Military Radio, Graphics Card, Gyroscope, Uphone, Defibulator Battery and Rubber)
  • Added GPS

*Known issue with text not showing up correctly (ui:category/ui:search) - We are looking into a fix. Attached screenshots are to simulate what the store should look like with working categories. 

Call Vote
We have added Call Vote to all servers, the new command is /callvote <vote name | vote alias>, the available votes are:
Day (d), Night (n), Kick (k), Weather (w), Rain (r), NoRain (nr), Airdrop (a), AirdropAll (aa)*

*Actual votes/cooldowns are subject to change without warning!

The Commands list has also been updated:

Screenshot 2024-05-18 040518.png           Screenshot 2024-05-18 041134.png


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