Unturned Commands List

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Unturned Commands List

This post is continuously being updated as methods/information changes, this can happen without any warning. Last update 05/18/24.


  • /balance - This shows how many credits you have
  • /compass - This commands shows you what direction you are facing (N, E, S, W)
  • /delhome [Name] Removes a home
  • /forums - This displays our website in your Steam overlay
  • /garage - Displays what's in your garage
  • /ggudiscord - This displays our discord server in your Steam overlay
  • /gadd or /parkingadd - Adds a vehicle to your garage (Limit 2)
  • /gretrieve or /parkingretrieve - Retrieve a vehicle from your garage
  • /group - This displays the GGU Unturned Steam group in your Steam overlay
  • /home [home] - This allows you to teleport to a set home
  • /kit [kit] - Get items from a kit
  • /kits - Display the list of kits
  • /pay [player] - This allows you to pay another player with in-game credits
  • /pvp - Enable/Disable PvP mode
  • /report [player] - This allows you to report another player, please do not abuse it
  • /rules - This displays the rules in your Steam overlay
  • /sethome [home] - Places a new home (Limit 1)
  • /tpa [player] - Send a teleport request to a player
  • /tpa [accept/deny] - Accept or deny a teleport request
  • /trash - Opens a trash box (15x15)
  • /vault - Opens your Player vault (3x5 - Visit Our Rank Store to get VIP and upgrade your slots today!)


  • /buy [item] [amount]
  • /sell [item] [amount] 
  • /shop - Shows you what's in the shop, you can also buy from the UI

Screenshots/Hiding the HUD

  • /changehud 0 - Hides the hud
  • /changehud 2 - Shows the hud

Call Vote

  • /callvote <vote name | vote alias>
  • Day (d), Night (n), Kick (k), Weather (w), Rain (r), NoRain (nr), Airdrop (a), AirdropAll (aa)*

*Actual votes/cooldowns are subject to change without warning!


  • /Kit Donor - 500 Metal Bars, Black Parka, Black Balaclava, Civillian Vest, Black Umbrella, Black Cap, Cargo Pants, Black Travelpack, Zubeknakov, Grilled Cheese Sandwich 3x, Bottled Coconut 3x, Ranger Magazine 4x, Low Caliber Ranger Ammunition 2x, Bandage 4x
  • Donor Vault - 6x10
  • /pet <name> - Spawns/Despawns* pet with specified name
  • /pet list - Displays your list of pets
  • /pet buy <name> - Buys a pet with specified name
  • /pet shop - Displays the pet shop


  • /Kit Noble- 1000 Metal Bars, Arctic Military Top, Arctic Military Bottom, Arctic Military Helmet, Arctic Military Vest, White Balaclava, White Umbrella, Arctic Alicepack, MRE 3x, Eaglefire, Military Magazine 4x, Low Caliber Military Ammunition, Suturekit
  • /Refill - Refuels the vehicle you're sitting in (Automatically refuels when you get in)
  • Noble Vault - 8x12


  • /Kit Worthy- 1500 Metal Bars, Spec Ops Top, Spec Ops Bottom, Spec Ops Helmet, Spec Ops Vest, Spec Ops Rucksack, PDW, Military Drum 2x, Low Caliber Military Ammunition 5x, Bottled Energy 3x, Energy Bar 6x, Medkit
  • Worthy Vault - 12x16


  • /Kit Titan - 2000 Metal Bars, Fighter Pilot Top, Fighter Pilot Bottom, Fighter Pilot Helmet, Alicepack, Focus DMR, Energy Cell 4x, Adrenaline 2x, Morphine 2x
  • Titan Vault - 15x19


  • /Kit Legend - 2500 Metal Bars, General Top, Combat Pants, Spec Ops Beret, Hockey Mask, Alicepack, Focus Rifle, Energy Cell 8x, Bloodbag 3x, Vaccine 3x, Cake, Milk Box 2x
  • Legend Vault - 20x24

*Despawning pets requires you to rejoin

Visit Our Rank Store to get VIP today!


  • /broadcast [message] - Allows you to broadcast a message - Use this to warn a player
  • /checkowner - Check who owns the building/structure you're looking at
  • /exit - Kicks you from the server
  • /investigate [player/ID] - Shows player info
  • /kick [player] [reason] - Allows you to kick a player
  • /spy [player] - Shows you a screenshot of what a player is looking at
  • /sethome - Places a new home (Limit 5)
  • /warn [player] - Allows you to add a warning to a player
  • /warnings or /warns [player] - Shows you a list of all of the warnings a player has
  • /warp [warpname] - Allows you to warp to a preset location
  • /warps - Displays a list of available warps


  • /ascend - Allows you to ascend in the air
  • /ban [player] [time] [reason] - Bans a player for [time] (seconds) with the specified reason
  • /banhistory [player] - Displays the last 4 bans of a player or yourself.
  • /bans [player] - Displays the total number of bans in the server as well as how many are active.
  • /descend - Allows you to descend through buildables
  • /god - Enables Godmode, this will keep your hunger and water full as well as full immunity to damage
  • /heal [player] - Allows you to heal yourself or a player
  • /help - Lists OpenMod commands
  • /i ["item name" or ID] - Allows you to spawn an item
  • /investigate [player] - View a player's steam information
  • /jump - Allows you to jump to a location where your crosshair is pointing, the max is 1000 Meters
  • /kill [player] - Allows you to kill a player
  • /removewarn [player] [amount] - Removes a warning from a player
  • /slay [player] [reason] - Kills and permanently bans the player for the specified reason.
  • /teleport or /tp [player] - Teleport to a player
  • /tphere [player] - Teleport a player to you
  • /unban [player] - Unbans the specific player.
  • /v [vehiclename or ID] - Allows you to spawn a vehicle
  • /vanish - Allows you to disappear from other players 
  • /wreck [filter] [radius] Creates new items destruction list [Filters: * - Everything]
  • /wreck confirm Confirms list destruction
  • /wreck abort Aborts list destruction
  • /wreck scan [filter] [radius] Scan for [filter] in [radius] and list
  • /wreck teleport [b/s] Teleports caller to the next(barricade)(structure) +200m away

Managers/Community Leader

  • /addwarp [warpname] - Creates a new warp
  • /airdrop - Spawns an airdrop
  • /day - Change the time to day
  • /deletewarp [warpname] - Removes an existing warp
  • /experience or /exp [amount] - Give yourself experience
  • /night - Change the time to night
  • /reputation or /rep [amount] - Give yourself reputation
  • /sethome - Places a new home (Limit 10)
  • /tpall - Teleport all players to you
  • /warp [warpname] - Teleports you to a warp
  • /warps - List all warps
Managers/Executives can assign roles to users by using the om r add player [player] [role] command, e.g. om r add player Trojaner megavip. Similarly, you can remove users from a role by typing om r remove player [player] [role]


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