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Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Golden Gamers United, the rules for our Forums are listed below.

These rules are followed by Mods when a rule is broken. Please note that the rules outlined below only guidelines. Mods may not follow them in some cases.

This post is continuously being updated as methods/information changes, this can happen without any warning. Last update 7/28/22.


Do not send links or images related to other communities or websites with the intent of promotion or recruitment. 

Do not release private information about another user without their permission or regarding yourself (i.e., address, phone number, IP address). 

Forum Alt Accounts
Do not make alternative or spare forum accounts. If your Alt account is found, we will simply just close the account. 

Harassment, Slurs and Discrimination
Keep it kind - Do not harass other members. Do not use slurs that target demographics or engage in prejudice against other individuals.

Malicious Links
Do not post links with the intent of acquiring information, harming another user or gaining access to another user's accounts/computer.

Do not post on topics that have not had a response in over 3 months that have already had a conclusion. (Suggestion threads and threads like "Favorite Game Mode" are an exception as they are considered "In-progress".)

Do not engage in the spamming of topics, private messages, status updates or anything similar.

Do not create low quality or meaningless posts. 

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