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  2. Hey remember what I said on the Elver lounge? Yeah this is what I was talking about. Happy hunting!
  3. For all of the negative 17 people who read this, I am gonna post an Arid server lounge. K bye!
  4. Update Again: I forgot to mention I do sell help for horde beacons and other tasks at an affordable price. 1000 quid per 2 beacons, for one beacon, 500.
  5. Update: For anyone who wants to trade with me I have just gotten two sets of Thick Military Armor.
  6. Hey! How are you? Good I hope, enjoy the lounge!
  7. Note: Hey look! this is the first topic on GGU's unturned club! This is a lounge for people to chat and ask questions and stuff, some of the mods aren't working right so if that's your concern you can dm a mod about it. If anyone wants to trade with me on the server for assorted loot, meet at bunker E at 6:00 Pm CST on Saturdays.