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TeamSpeak Rules

Welcome to Golden Gamers United, rules for our TeamSpeak server are listed below.
If you came from our TeamSpeak viewer/bans page, click here to return.

This post is continuously being updated as methods/information changes, this can happen without any warning. Last update 05/22/24.


  1. General GGU Guidelines apply on all platforms including our TS server. (Read more here.)
  2. Do not spam individuals or channels (including spam joining/leaving, messages, pokes, dms).
  3. Use of derogatory terms (racial and homophobic slurs) are prohibited. 
  4. Do not send any website links that are malicious, unwanted, NSFW, or otherwise inappropriate to share.
  5. Sensitive subjects such as religion, politics, or otherwise controversial topics should be kept in private channels unless everyone in the channel is okay with it being discussed. Do not intentionally start topics on these subjects to annoy user(s). 
  6. Mic spam & ear rape of any kind is not tolerated. 
  7. Requesting for access of any kind outside of your respective role in GGU repeatedly may result in a loss of access.
  8. Any illegal actions (DDoS threats, Doxing, etc)
  9. Voice changers, soundboards, or other artificial audio should be kept to a minimum or in private channels. 
  10. Do not intentionally annoy users or join public channels to create drama.


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