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Golden Gamers United Leadership Roster
This post is continuously being updated as methods/information changes, this can happen without any warning. Last update 03/15/24.

:CL:Community Leader
Community Administrators that are responsible for overseeing all GGU operations.

Admiral MacK
Alex Thunderhunter


:SRM:Senior Manager
Seniors have earned their role by guiding and training new managers in preparation for maintaining their respective departments or servers independently.

Sammy_Pop - Unturned
Skykit_ - TF2


Maintain respective game servers, departments, and lower-level leadership.

Design Managers
Design Managers lead the creation and fine-tuning of all projects involving server and graphic design.

Vacant - N/A

Development Managers
Development Managers oversee all projects involving the design and coding teams while working directly with Server Managers. 

Vacant - N/A

Outreach Managers
Maintain GGU social media platforms and community events.

Asian State Trooper

Server Managers
Maintain all operations within a server. 

Galaxy - Unturned
Vesta - Universal
QuantumXYZ - TF2


Staff directly assist managers with day-to-day tasks to maintain game servers.

A sad boi - Unturned
𝚂𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚣𝚝𝚎𝚛 - Unturned
TyGuy464646 - Unturned
Ree Ree - TF2

:DEST:Design Team
Design team manages graphic design, mapping, modeling, and server design.

D3M0NCH1LD4805 - Minecraft Server Design
WinterLynx  - Graphic Design


:DEVT:Development Team
Management members that work directly with managers for community-wide development. 

jefferyjaakkola - BeamNG Developer
Nathan_u - Asseto Corsa Developer
Nuggets - Coder

QuantumXYZ - TF2 Mapper
TyGuy464646 - Web/Discord Developer
Ray. P
 - TF2 Plugin Developer


:OUT:Outreach Team
A team dedicated to managing GGU's social media platforms and community events.

brgr. - Social Media Platforms/Events


Mod is the first rank with respective access to keep game servers safe and enjoyable for all. 

Emboss19 - TF2
Technium - TF2
Instantis - Unturned
Kūshosune - Unturned
Marq Commander - TF2
Mothy-Bun - TF2
 - Unturned
Nuggets - TF2

Tiben09 - Unturned
 - Unturned
Ray. P
 - TF2


:RET:Retired Staff
Previous Admins or higher-ranking individuals who have put forth their time and effort to their positions and are recognized with this role.


:VET: Veteran
Members who have been active in the community for years and have put forth a good image for GGU members.


Individuals that are well known by the community and have proven themselves through their actions to have this role. Not a roster rank (member of GGU).


:MEM: Member
The first rank received after successfully joining the community.


:GUS: Guest
A visitor at GGU. This is an automatic role on all platforms/servers which does not require confirmation to receive including on TS3 and Discord.



If you need to contact any of us for help, click on someone's name to visit their profile and send them a message. You can also join the GGU Discord.

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