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Hello friendly staff & community of GGU!

I've been enjoying my stay at the Elver server of unturned, as many servers don't include mods and have poor plugins to make the experience enjoyable.  I especially LOVE the website and orderliness of everything 😄 especially for those of us not accessing discord. Many features on GGU are splendid; the health warning has saved me so much disappointment from starvation and dehydration xD

I'm interested in purchasing the Exquisite Package, however during my playtime I've noticed a few observations that I hope can be looked at as soon as possible for the betterment and improvement of this fantastic server:

  1. Improve the economy by allowing players to sell more than just metal bars to the shop... such as selling elver guns, dollar bills for their value, fish etc.
  2. The shop needs more relevant materials to be bought AND sold for example: circuit board, components, gps, military radio, graphics card, gyroscope, Uphone, Defibrillator battery, rubber etc.
  3. Birch and maple saplings from the more farming mod should be available in the shop because we need the wood for crafting.
  4. Lockers cannot be crafted for some reason, only the “safes” so I’m unable to use the larger lockers mod at all.
  5. The /buy command should be available if we need to buy something in bulk or to buy something without scrolling through the menu (The shop UI is AWESOME though!)
  6. Zombie respawn time is too long, i can barely find any zombies to kill for loot the areas are just ghost towns :((

Some extra suggestions:

  1. Would be nice to have a vote system for day/night/weather/airdrops.
  2. Having the /vote and /reward plugin would be great for server exposure.
  3. A mod called Vanilla Architecture by JP adds more decorative elements (such as doors) which would be nice to have on top of what already exists, it’s a very complementary feature.
  4. Adding Rain’s Advanced sentries Mod to the server and including the friendly turret in the shop (should cost a very expensive amount of MB for the sake of balance xD) would be lifesaving for the many hordes of Elver.. plus, it’s fun 😉
  5. Dingus is a mod that simply adds the Maxwell meme cat. It’s a really harmless addition, and who doesn’t love an indoor pet?

This was a very long post indeed, however i've taken the time to write it down because i believe the server has a huge potential if improved accordingly. Looking forward to your reply!

Warmest regards, Aeon.

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