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TF2/TF2C Rules
Welcome to Golden Gamers United, the rules for our TF2/TF2C server(s) are listed below.
This post is continuously being updated as methods/information changes, this can happen without any warning. Last update 1/4/24.
Looking for a list of commands? Click here to view our commands list!
  1. No pornographic sprays.
  2. Portal glitching can result in a ban. This applies to maps that have Minecraft portals.
  3. No cheating, map exploits, scripts or hacking to give yourself an unfair advantage against other players.
  4. No sharing links that contain cheats or other malicious content.
  5. No advertising/recruiting for other communities, servers or groups on GGU servers. 
  6.  No Ban Evasion - no making another account to get around an existing ban.
  7.  No disrespect, respect your fellow players and community representatives! Don't promote Racism, Hate, and Harassment on our servers, this includes racial, homophobic or sexist terms.
  8.  No server disruption, this includes Chat/Mic Spamming, Griefing, Trolling or abusing the report feature.
  9. No Threatening to DDoS our servers/other players, this will result in an immediate ban - even if it's a joke.
  10.  No scamming/sharking/phishing other players or community representatives, this includes intentionally low balling the price of items or stealing players items by deceptive means.
  11.  No impersonating other players/community representatives in GGU.
  12.  English is GGU's preference for communication. Please use respective channels if you are using another language or refrain from using voice chat.
  13.  No unnecessary drama, this includes heated conversations about politics or other subjects.
  14.  No Doxing/illegal activities, this includes releasing any private information about another player/community representative.
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