Read Before submitting an abuse report

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Read before submitting abuse reports




Reasons to submit an abuse report

  • Mass abuse of admin commands. Slaying, kicking, muting/gagging, banning, etc.
  • Actions that put players at a disadvantage. Killing players with god mode, killing players with noclip/flying, giving themselves items, etc.
  • Disrespecting, using chat inappropriately, and taking action. An admin is not allowed to take action if someone talks back after an admin talks shit on the players.
  • Actions that elevate admin privileges. This could be someone making up fake rules that aren’t on the rules list. Or telling a player they aren’t allowed to use a command that they have access to.
    • All enforceable rules will be on the rules list. Any rules an admin says that are not in the rules list cannot be enforceable and do not exist.
  • increasingly toxic admins. Admins should not be toxic or hostile towards random players on our servers.


Reasons not to submit an abuse report

  • The admin muted, gagged, kicked, or banned me.
    • Before submitting an abuse report check to make sure the offense you made is listed in the rules list.
  • The admin is annoying me.
  • I don’t like the admin.
  • Targeting an admin or moderator.
  • Trolling.
  • The admin made a minor offense.
    • If an admin has made a minor offense and has apologized for the mistake contact their superiors instead.
  • Abuse reporting yourself. If you have made an offense apologize and contact your direct superiors to inform them.


What should and shouldn’t be on your abuse report

  • You should have proof of the infraction(s).
    • This can be unedited videos or images.
  • You should remain calm and not lash out at others on the abuse report.
    • If the admin or random users have started to cause issues on the thread, report their posts and let the admins deal with it accordingly.
  • The only posts on an abuse report should add to the situation. This could proof, descriptions of what happened, or things asked of by the person reviewing.
    • Only reply to the abuse report if you were directly involved or created the report. 
  • There should be no slurs, swearing, or disrespectful behaviour of any kind.
    • The abuse reports review center should be an area where we communicate like adults. We don’t need to deal with children who can’t behave themselves.


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