Community Changelog 5/21/24

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Community Changelog 5/21/24

Rank Shop

  • Updated logo, color scheme and font to match more closely to Forums
  • Updated home page (Added more information on where/how to get help as well as fixing typos)
  • Added pictures to Unturned Ranks
  • Known issues: Missing rank category icons, play now button stuck on loading - We are looking into a fix for these)

TF2 and Unturned

Changelog links are located below:


  • Added more TF2 emojis
  • Added Wizard101 emojis and stickers
  • Added general emojis and stickers (Memes - Brain rot not included)
  • Added #|reddit which now shows posts from r/goldengamersunited!
  • #|yt-uploads works now! If you have the @Youtube Uploads notification preference selected, you'll be notified when we upload on YouTube! 


  • Added message to Donation Stats widget on Forums page
  • Added Promotion, New Server Launch, IP Change and New Acquisition prefixes for Announcements
  • Added more Emojis from Discord server
  • Added Custom Status profile field which shows up on posts and your profile!

TeamSpeak viewer/bans page

  • Updated color scheme and font to match closely to Forums
  • Added rules page

General Information

  • The domain will no longer point to TeamSpeak or other server services and will be considered retired (We will maintain ownership of the domain) after 06/01/24, so please make sure your bookmarks are updated with the new domain (
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